“Prirodnaya” water

Water is the source of life. It is necessary for the existence of every creature on the planet. Therefore, people should not forget about its sufficient use. It is difficult to overestimate the healthiness of water.

Particular attention should be paid to water quality, otherwise, instead of a positive effect, it will lead to health problems. “Prirodnaya” artesian water is drinking water of the 1st category. The well is located in an ecologically clean area of the Primorye Territory, Gornye Klyuchi village.

Completely natural and healthy water that helps people to be healthy and happy. “Prirodnaya” water has proven itself in educational, sanatorium-resort, hotel facilities.

The healing properties of water

  • Speeds up metabolism

  • Is a source of vital energy

  • Removes toxins from the body

  • Improves the condition of skin, hair and nails

  • Serves as a conductor of nutrients

  • Improves digestion

Package sizes

Volume Qty / Package Weight / Package Package Size (LxWxH) Expiration date
2 L. 6 bottles 12,4 Kg. 35х31х34 12 Months
1,5 L. 6 bottles 9 Kg. 27х18х34 12 Months
0,5 L. 12 bottles 6,3 Kg. 26х19х34 12 Months